Stop and Smell the Roses

29th Sep 2015

“Stop and smell the roses” was a saying I heard frequently as a child growing up.  I never really understood its meaning until I was an adult. With that being said, I spent a day taking a picture of every […]

Totally Reusable

23rd Sep 2015

A day with a reusable bag on the Big Island What is she talking about?  What a strange tour guide?  No, it’s amazing!  Plan your day as you normally would go to the Pololu Valley, take a stroll through Liliuokalani […]

A Camera and Respect

21st Sep 2015

When asked as a tour guide what are the most important things to bring to the Waipio Valley, my answer is “a camera and respect”.  The picture taking opportunities are never the same two trips in a row in this […]