Hawaii One Day Hikers Tour

Pololu Valley Big Island Tour

This hikers tour explores not one but two of the island’s most beautiful valleys. The Waipio Valley and the Pololu Valley. This hikers tour of Hawaii will take us thru the charming town of Hawi to the end of the road for views that will take your breath away. We will then begin the descent into the valley to a pristine black sand beach with beauty in every direction. Feel free to explore and take amazing pictures. We will now begin the hike up a slightly steep hill to a bench perched at the top of the world for a place to sit and stare at the raw beauty and take it all in. After the climb out of the valley, we will continue on our journey past the Cowboy town of Waimea/Kamuela with its rolling green hills to the charming town of Honokaa before coming the Waipio valley lookout where you will see a place that doesn’t even look real. We will be greeted by a local who will share some history and talk story while guiding us thru this magical place. Have your camera ready to take pictures of the roaming horses, stunning waterfalls and perfectly groomed Tao fields. This 5 mile day hike is a little tiring so make sure you are wearing good hiking shoes. Lunch will be at either Hawi or Honokaa in a small charming cafe or you can choose to pack your own lunch and we can picnic. Lunch cost is not included. Truly a hikers dream in Hawaii!

  • Waipio Valley and The Pololu Valley
  • Waimea/Kamuela
  • Honokaa
  • Taro fields

1 to 2 people – $125 per person
1to 6 people – $325 for the whole group! 


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