Stop and Smell the Roses

29th Sep 2015

“Stop and smell the roses” was a saying I heard frequently as a child growing up.  I never really understood its meaning until I was an adult.

With that being said, I spent a day taking a picture of every beautiful flower I saw while travelling to Hilo from Kona.  The colors and smells in this garden of beauty are mind-boggling.  The hibiscus flower comes in shades of pink, purple, yellow, white and other mixed colors.  The bird of paradise is odd, yet magnificent at the same time.

The plumeria and ginger are beautiful to look at and have amazing smells.  The water lilies brighten the water and Royal Poinciana provides amazing bursts of orange color in the trees.  I urge people on tour with me to really stop and look at the beauty of the flowers as we go by.  I guess in my own way I am saying “stop and smell the roses”.


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