A Camera and Respect

21st Sep 2015

When asked as a tour guide what are the most important things to bring to the Waipio Valley, my answer is “a camera and respect”.  The picture taking opportunities are never the same two trips in a row in this majestic wonderland.  I love to watch the facial expressions of people when they see the beauty of the valley for the first time.

Imagine seeing a group of wild pintos crossing the river, or a big, bold stallion standing in the black sand with the turquoise ocean as a backdrop.  Its beauty cannot be described.

Imagine surfers riding a wave with the glistening black sand in front of you or perfectly groomed taro field with a sea of different shades of green as its backdrop or a towering waterfall crashing down in the distance.  These are all pictures that are possible on any given day in the Waipio Valley.

Respect the beauty, respect the locals’ privacy and respect the ocean.  It’s going to be a great day!


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