A Day on the Red Road

27th Jul 2015


My name is Kimmy, your Tour Guide at Kona2Kona, and I am keeping a journal of the amazing things to see and do on Kona, the Big Island of Hawaii.

I am a native of Oregon who has fallen hopelessly in love with the Big Island and all of its amazing beauty.

My day started in my most favorite area of the whole Big Island, the Red Road in the Puna District. It is a beautiful road covered in a canopy of trees that run along the turquoise Hawaiian waters of the Pacific Ocean. The sights, sounds and smells are amazing.
Kona2Kona - Big Island Hawaii Tours - Red Road Puna District

A typical day for me begins early from the lanai of my beach-front hut named “Mermaid’s Oasis”. I watch in awe and sip my hot cup of fresh Kona Coffee as the sun rises among the clouds over the morning ocean waters.

After a refreshing breakfast of fresh fruit from a local fruit stand I put on my workout gear and start my “Zumba running” down the road. Running through the trees and hearing the ocean roll in makes me forget I’m even working out. Usually, I run to the ocean tidepools to peer in and see what new creatures have been left for viewing in the colorful coral gardens by the high tide. It’s a new sight every day. After an hour or so of tidepool exploration I begin my run home.

My hut has an outdoor shower enclosed at the edge of the lanai that I can see the ocean from as I get cleaned up before putting on my sundress and head for a fresh and delicious lunch at the Kalani Wellness Retreat, and then it’s time to relax. I head to the end of the road to trek across the lava at Kalapana to see the new Kaimu Black Sand Beach where the sounds of the black lava rocks being tossed and tumbled into sand by the surf is hypnotizing.
Kona Big Island Hawaii Tours

Today is also Sunday so a stop at Kehena Black Sand Beach is in order because it’s drum day. On drum day locals gather below the cliff at the beach and play drums all day. So much fun to watch and even join in with such nice people.
The tide is beginning to come back in so it’s time to head back to the hut for a light dinner. As the sun sets the coqui frogs begin their chorus. I love the sound of the frogs’ chirping along with the sound of the ocean waves rolling in. I am smiling because I love it here.

Tomorrow I will be up before sunrise to begin another adventure along this piece of Paradise known as the Red Road.

…… Good morning Puna…

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